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Quadcopter - Build it yourself

Author: Romaan, Last Updated: Aug. 29, 2015, 8:34 p.m.

Building quadcopter is probably fantasy of most people who love gadgets. Quadcopters are available as ready to fly, but if you are one of those who is really keen on building one, then this blog may give you a helping hand. Before I present the details, I would like to thank my friends, Stephen Chapman and Matthew Riak without whom I could not have completed successfully.

I have spent approximately AUD 450 to complete this project, however, the prices may vary depending on the region and many other factors. To start with, below are the quadcopter parts, I procured. You can search with the below keywords and you will be able to find them either on e-bay.com or hobbyking.com :

Quadcopter Components:

  • APM2.6 ArduPilot Mega External Compass APM Flight Controller Ublox NEO-6M GPS PM
  • Turnigy HV SBEC 5A Switch Regulator (8-42V High Input) Noise Elimination Tech
  • 2 Pairs 10x4.5 Carbon Fiber Propeller CW CCW 1045 For RC Quadcopter DJI F450
  • 4x 2212 920KV Brushless Motor (CW/CCW)
  • 4x SIMONK 30A ESC for DJI Multi ~A0715
  • APM2.6 ArduPilot Mega External Compass APM Flight Controller Ublox NEO-6M GPS PM
  • F450 DJI Quadcopter Frame
  • Nylon xT60 Connectors Male/Female (5 pairs)
  • Turnigy 9XR Transmitter Mode 1
  • OrangeRx R620 DSM2 Compatible Full Range 6Ch 2.4Ghz Receiver w/Failsafe
  • OrangeRX DSMX/DSM2 Compatible 2.4Ghz Transmitter Module
  • Turnigy nano-tech 2200mah 4S 35~70C Lipo Pack
  • Battery Charger
  • Lipoly Low Voltage Alarm (2s ~ 4s)

Tools Required:

  • Soldering Iron 30watt 12v / 3s XT60 plug
  • Tool kit - Screw driver set
  • Polyester Velcro Peel-n-stick adhesive side V-STRONG (1mtr)
  • Super glue
  • High strength fiber tape 20mm X 50 mtr
  • A laptop or computer

Setup Frame

Setup Motors, ESCs

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